Professional POS Services

Maintenance and upkeep of revenue categories, tax liabilities, job codes, tender types, comps, venues, discounts, financial reporting and other crucial areas of your system.

BOH, FOH, IT, and Financial team member training on all functions of your POS system. New staff training as well.

24×7 ongoing application support for dynamic pricing updates, seasonal or special menu creation, price changes, screen layout design and more.

Formal change request processes, interface optimization, establish formal application training program, enterprise configuration, and report balancing.

No POS solution in the market today has the intelligence to audit itself. It is critical that you audit your POS application regularly to optimize system settings, minimize potential fraud & theft, and ensure compliance with various regulations, such as gaming control, SOX and PCI.

Project Management Services

With an endless assortment of Hospitality Technology Companies and Services available today, we can assist with the proper selection to meet your needs in hospitality technology solutions.

We follow the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies for project management and manage the Project Life Cycle and all its deliverables at every stage of your project. 12000+ hours of broad hospitality technology project management experience.

Perhaps you cannot identify a current POS solution in the market that can meet all your hospitality technology solution requirements. Dynamic Minds can envision, develop, and deploy from start to finish the POS system you require.

If your existing POS solution is lacking in a key area, such as a report, analytical tool, or function, Dynamic Minds can create custom scripts, software, or interfaces.

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